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Are there elements you'd like to include in your vows, but you're having writers block?

Let us help you put into words what you feel in your heart.

Let us help you turn your thoughts into a beautiful written expression of love.

How Does it Work?

Step 1



Simply send us your refundable deposit through the website

Step 2

Chat with Writer

Our resident vow writer will reach out to you within a week to schedule a time to chat

(20-30 minute phone conversation)

Step 3

First Draft Sent

The remainder of the payment is sent, and your personalized vow(s) is emailed to you.

Step 4

Provide Feedback

You have a second chat with our writer (10-15 minute phone call) where you provide feedback on the vow(s) that was sent.

Step 5

Receive Final Vows

You receive your beautifully written personalized wedding vow(s)

Cost Options:

1 Personalized Vow:   $175

2 Personalized Vows: $300

Discount Option: If you choose to also purchase a Timeless Vow keepsake, you get $50 off of your order!

Collaborate with Us

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