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Text Confirmation & Status Updates

You will receive updates throughout the process, including:

∞ A draft of the text, to be double-checked by you and/or your officiant

(your design cannot be completed without this confirmation)

∞ Status updates on the artistic elements’ progress, accompanied by photos if you choose

(some couples like this to be a surprise)

Timeless Wedding Vow Delivery

You receive your personalized Timeless Wedding Vow, usually about a month prior to the wedding.


How to Order

from the

Deluxe Sculptural Collection

Each Timeless Wedding Vow is handmade-to-order, and is custom made with your personalized wedding vows.  For this reason, we have a simple 5-step process to ensure that you get the perfect wedding vow keepsake:

Initial Consultation 

Design Decision 

Design Creation 

∞ Text Confirmation & Status Updates 

Timeless Wedding Vow Delivery

We have a conversation via phone or in person to discuss which design(s) you’re interested in – this includes styles, colors, materials, etc.  Sometimes final decisions are made in this initial conversation, and sometimes we have a few conversations before the design is finalized.

Initial Consultation


We put everything in writing and email it to you shortly after our conversation.  This will include an agreement outlining the design details we discussed.

You will have time to read these over, fill them out, sign them, and send them back with the deposit

(50% of the sale price, unless a different payment plan is mutually agreed upon).

Design Decision


Once we receive the signed agreement and deposit, the Timeless Wedding Vow creation process begins!

Design Creation



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