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Hearts Entwined

Hearts Entwined

  • Timeless Wedding Vow Keepsake

    8 ¼" (length) x 3 ½" (width) x 25" (height)


    Hearts Entwined expresses two lovers' obsession with one another.  So deeply in love, they are wrapped in each other's arms, wanting all of each other, wholly. The soft spirals and smooth caresses reveal that the only thing that matters is the two of you. Everything else disappears, and there is only you and your better half. In Hearts Entwined nothing else exists but your love.

    This model is constructed with the vows engraved into maple wood, with a subtle gloss finish carefully applied.  It is accented with laser cut sheets of white pearl and turquoise acrylic and backed with finished cherry wood.  It sits atop a piece of beautifully cut cambria-montgomery quartz. 


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