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Two Brides Under The Canopy

Two Brides Under The Canopy

  • Timeless Wedding Vow Keepsake

    13" (length) x 4 ¾" (width) x 22" (height)


    Look beyond two beautiful brides and see two souls coming together beneath the spiritual canopy. The clean lines are emblematic of the beautiful simplicity and ease of being in love. The world a faraway place when you are enveloped in the love you have for your partner. The two brides seem to float from the steps they have taken in their journey to the wedding. 


    This design can be viewed from both sides, allowing two texts to be incorporated into this truly unique work of art.


    The other side of this vow keepsake depicts two trees, meticulously sculpted with branches and roots intertwined, symbolizing the strong connection between you and your soulmate.


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